RESOURCES for the Rosetta Stone Project

Freeman Institute® Rosetta Stone History Collection

GENUINE ARTIFACTS AND DOCUMENTS -- Many items will be utilized in the design of the Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit project:

-- 185 extremely rare original plates/prints ( from "Description de l'Égypte" from the Napoleonic Egyptian ...

A Mysterious International Treasure

WELCOME to the Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit project. 

Anyone interested in archaeology, Egyptology, cryptology, publishing, IT security, geology, science, writing, mathematics, translation work, and/or languages understands the significance of this ...

The Rosetta Stone Replica Project and Marine Corp Intelligence

After 6+ years of R&D, we have developed the world’s first 1:1, a full-size, 3D replica of the Rosetta Stone, available to the general public. This educational project was launched at the Library of Congress and is being accomplished through The Freeman ...

We are Grateful to All who have Helped With This Project Thus Far

-- 3-D digital model by Direct Dimensions (Michael Raphael & Peter Kennedy).
-- Initial mold fabrication of face and pedestal base by MAG Fadal (Doug Hawthorne).
-- Stereo Lithography Technology by 3D Systems (Chris Lewis).  

-- Dan and Janet Champness ...