Conceptual Design

ZONE #4: Problem Solving and Connections to Modern World (approx 1,250 sq. ft.)

Visitors will enter this area through a modern type door and the entire design will be contemporary. Backdrop will be modern, even perhaps futuristic in their look and feel.  This area’s significance lies in it’s ability to connect visitors to the modern world, giving meaning and practicality to the information they have encountered thus far within the exhibit.

Name a vocation. Any person with a job has a job because he or she is solving some sort of problem(s). The Rosetta Stone can be utilized as a metaphor for such activity.

It took 23 years – including the collaboration of many people – to solve the puzzle of hieroglyphics in 1822, thereby unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.

This involved long periods of silence, big egos and lack of cooperation among experts from a number of countries. But the basic message is that people persevered and the problem was ultimately solved.

The meaning for us is that someone may be working on a crappy team...filled with people possessing big egos, cross-cultural issues, lack of good communication, and lack of tools/resources. But still the problems can be solved.

25-30 INVENTIONS from NASA Spinoffs Project: NASA research has produced many inventions.This zone will include 25-30 mini exhibits that showcase the problem-solving process each invention experienced through the lens of the 7-step R.O.S.E.T.T.A. problem solving process.

As visitors leave the entire exhibit, the Rosetta Clone will gently challenge each one to use those same 7-step iteration process to creatively help solve some of the world’s problems.



Join us in shaping the future of education and innovation. Your support will make a profound difference in empowering generations through the Rosetta Stone project.

Explore how your contribution will inspire critical thinking and problem-solving skills in tomorrow's solutionist leaders.

Corporations spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. Weeks later, hardly anyone can remember even one ad shown on TV during the last Super Bowl.

I am personally inviting corporations, foundations and individuals to be significant early adopters of this rather unique edu-tainment project.

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